Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy New Year to all NoPigou Club members

I know it's been a while since postings, and I apologize. But we will be back in the New Year with fresh blasts at the rising menace of Pigovianism within the intellectual and political classes. There are those who say there's nothing to worry about, because voters will never buy into the idea of a big new tax on gasoline to fight global warming, congestion, smog and what have you. Such complacency is unwarranted. The confluence of popular fear of something like global warming could easily be converted by a sly politician into a mandate to impose major tax increases as part of a grand strategy to save our nations. As such threats mount in the coming year, the voice of the NoPigou Club will be heard!
In the meantime, and on behalf of Peter Foster and William Watson, co-founders of the club, I wish you all a prosperous year.
All the best
Terence Corcoran


Blogger Cathrina said...

liked the writing..happy new year to u.. any new years resolution??

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Mike Moffatt said...

Merry Christmas, Terence.

7:50 AM  

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