Thursday, November 30, 2006

Conservative think tank stops thinking

The conservative/free market American Enterprise Institute recently posted a commentary on the need for a U.S. national carbon or gas tax--whatever--for all the usual reasons. For a brief review of the AEI paper, see my column. The authors like the idea of, and seem to think they have found , "the optimal Pigouvian tax on motor fuels." Oh dear. Optimal! Done.


Blogger Bernie said...

Raising taxes on bad things:

Supposing a poor person
spends three dollars per
day on smokes and seventeen
dollars per day on nutritious
food, and as a result his
health is OK.
Now the State comes in and raises taxes on smokes by six dollars.
The same person will continue
to smoke the same amount and will now have to spend nine dollars
to get his fix of cigarettes and
only spend eleven dollars
on nutritious food.
As a result over time his health
will deteriorate and his medical costs will be high.
The increased taxes on smokes have
had the opposite of the
intended effect.

Also the higher taxes cause financial
stress in the payers life
and so overtaxed victims
turn to cigarettes and alcohol to
help cope with the increased
stress of life.
Witness vodka consumption
in the old Soviet Union.

Proponents of increased taxes
are parasites and should be
severely punished. Punishment
by whipping would be appropriate
for the evil tax robbers.

6:53 AM  
Blogger Bernie said...

The War on Climate Change will fail.
The War on Poverty has resulted
in increased poverty.
The War on Crime has resulted
in increased crime.
The War on Drugs has resulted
in increased drug usage.
The War on Climate Change
will result in increased pollution. By a factor of ten.

People need to understand that there is a spiritual law, actually God's Law,
that says Laudable Designs When Achieved Through Coercion Become Demonic. This means that if a person has even a good project to achieve, it will fail and damages will far exceed benefits, if the means used to achieve that goal (like taxation ) are evil. Taxes are evil because all taxation
is theft. If evil means are used then God will curse the result.

And people who say they believe in the God of the Bible should know that after they die of old age, there will be a Spiritual Judgment Day. Each person will be judged by their thoughts, words and deeds, and the intentions and motivations behind their thoughts, words and deeds. Rewards and punishments will be meted out. So people must realise that their crimes of prospering from the stolen loot called taxes will not go unpunished and that justice will be established by God.

Mark Jaccard does not believe
that all taxation is theft
because he is really
just a government intellectual,
a Government Word Spreader,
a government shill, a State-employed propaganda agent.
His pay comes from taxes
so of course he believes
in any government tax.

Mark Jaccard would probably
not believe in a Creator God
either, but is probably
thoroughly indoctrinated to believe in
the State Universities' evolution

"If you now work for the government, the biggest
contribution you can make to America is
to quit your job and find work in the private sector.
If you are responsible and conscientious, the
market place is full of opportunity for you. And when you put your efforts
into private industry, you will be producing wealth - i.e.,
products and services that people want, not services they are forced
to take".
Robert J. Ringer

9:55 AM  
Blogger Bernie said...

"...a further comment on the show topic on last night's show regarding the journal SCIENCE and their phony ploy to make everyone think they are cleaning up their act regarding peer review ... get this ... the second topic that they herald as being noteworthy of additional "scrutiny" is "climate prediction" ... implying of course that the now politically incorrect act of claiming the green house effect and human pollution as a source of global warming may not be admitted into their "respected journal" ... there are two major contradictions here ... the first is that they published unabated for years if not decades all the tripe that the scientific community threw at them regarding global warming due to greenhouse gasses ... but now since that is off the register (that is ... the gov cash register for funding ... since big business would have to pay money to clean up their unbridled pollution under current administration policies) it is not accepted anymore ... note that there NEVER was a real basis for ever stating that greenhouse gasses were a cause of global warming ... as one of the biggest con artists of the 20th century lyndon johnson once said ... 'repeat any lie enough times and people will begin to think it is the truth' ... what is really funny is that SCIENCE should be the defender of free thinking based on scientific fact and not the politics of how money flows in the ridiculous scheme of modern gov supported tier II science ... but they state outright that they are not going to publish politically sensitive issues ... geeeee mr donald kennedy editor in chief of SCIENCE ... let's not publish anything that is politically incorrect !!!!!! so when the topic of global warming due to alleged green house gasses was in vogue ... SCIENCE published it without bound ... if it is out of political favor ... they shun it ... i am sure glad science today has an objective basis and that peer review is alive and well to harbor respectability ... BUT ... BUT ... BUT ... let's take this another step beyond the first level thinking ... let's examine where the hype about the alleged greenhouse effect really came from ... it was needed by NASA to explain the high surface temperature of Venus ... it did not work then for a hundred sound scientific reasons (but SCIENCE published this NASA fairy tale without any peer review ... it then became fashionable to talk about the alleged greenhouse effect relative to earth's atmosphere ... so should not the journal SCIENCE scrutinize the NASA past articles regarding the greenhouse effect being the cause of the high temperature of Venus ??? as a friend of mine always used to say ... "don't get serious with me" ... jim mccanney (P.S. if anyone has a second please email donald kennedy editor in chief of SCIENCE and direct him to this posting ... then suggest that he read the peer review sub-page ... unfortunately people like this are too interested in maintaining their weekly pay check and their good standings with NASA than to examine the truth regarding the damage they are doing to the true nature of real science )"

4:54 PM  
Blogger Chiropractic Marketing said...

Greenhouse effect is the gradual warming of the air surrounding the earth as a result of heat being trapped by environmental pollution.

5:46 PM  

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